Fordham Financial Services offers advanced Investment and Tax planning, insurance, and estate strategies. We offer our clients the state-of-the-art in exceptional portfolio value building techniques, safe money strategies, as well as tax alternatives.

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Safe Money Strategies

Here at Fordham Financial Services, Inc. we know how hard everyone works to earn and to save money. We don't want to see anyone lose money because they put their money in a place where they have volatility or risk because of a market downturn.

At Fordham Financial Services, Incwe put our clients in a product that will keep their principal and interest protected and they no longer have to worry about whether the market is up or down. No more roller coaster rides up and down year after year only to watch the one bad year wipe out half your money.

At Fordham Financial Services, Inc. we believe everyone should keep some of their money in a place where the principal and interest is protected from loss. If you want some of your hard earned money in a place where the principal and interest is protected, please call us and set a time to meet with one of our representatives and we will be happy to completely explain your alternatives and introduce you to a product we believe might be right for you.

Fee-Based Investment Advisory

At Fordham Financial Services, Inc. we provide fee-based investment advisory services. Our client’s assets are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. We are a member of the TD Ameritrade Institutional platform.

Insurance (Term, Long Term Care, Disability, Health, and Universal Life)

We are licensed with a variety of insurance carriers to provide term insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance and various permanent insurance policies as needed. By being an independent insurance agent we only work with the best insurance companies.

Estate Planning

At Fordham Financial Services, Inc. we work alongside estate planning attorney's depending on each client’s situation. The objectives include achieving personal goals of the client, efficient transfer of assets, minimal tax cost, and family harmony. But the legal issues faced by clients of any age can be quite varied; part of the attorney's role is to determine the client's needs, manage the client's expectations, and present an understandable strategy for achieving the objectives. Although one of the major responsibilities of the attorney is to draft the documents, the process also includes disability planning, income and estate tax issues, planning for efficient distribution of assets, long-term care planning, retirement planning, and financial planning. Some attorneys may specialize in certain areas, while others may provide a more general focus. It is important that all professionals work together to represent the interests of a particular client. In today's environment, the work of agents and financial advisors is integrated with the issues of estate planning, tax planning, retirement planning, and long-term care. As a trusted advisor, clients will turn to you for advice on whom to contact if they have other issues or problems that need to be addressed. To be perceived as a sophisticated and full-service provider, it is helpful for you to have the capability to put together a team including our in house CPA, attorney, and other professionals who will help address our clients' needs.


Here at Fordham Financial Services, Inc we have noticed that many financial advisors do not have a direct relationship with the individuals CPA. This can cause many problems and  directly impact the individual or company’s future. At FFS our head investment advisor is a CFP® and a CPA to avoid these costly mistakes. CPA's and financial advisors work together to address the most important aspects of an investors financial life. In the grand scheme of working with an investor, the financial advisor provides investment options whose descriptions are in line with the clients goals while the CPA structures the investments in favor of the investor as it pertains to taxation. This way all sides benefit. The client get’s the best of both worlds from each professional and both the CPA and financial advisor either earn a new client or strengthen their already existing relationship. Although there can be some overlap in skills, CPA's tend to provide the highest levels of expertise on taxation and regulation while financial advisers often are more focused on helping people with personal financial planning, retirement and estate planning, college funding, investing, risk management, and business succession planning.

Education Planning

College tuition continues to rise each and every year. We can help you be better prepared when the time comes for your loved one to enroll. Whether you are planning for your children’s college or your grandchildren’s we can tell you the different options on how to fund their college tuition. We look at every scenario and lay out the options for you so you can make your educated decisions on how to fund their college.

Free Retirement Planning Workshops

Whether you're seeking simple retirement planning tips or in-depth retirement planning strategies, you're likely to find answers at one of our free retirement planning education programs. We cover topics like the amount of tax on retirement income to expect, retirement income management, how to optimize your Social Security Income, and a variety of retirement planning options.When it comes to your individual values, desires, and goals, one size rarely fits all. Check out our upcoming workshop page to attend one of our next events.